Showcasing our Career Paths

Colleague working on laptop by window

We spent 19th to 23rd June hosting our very first Careers Showcase here at Yorkshire Building Society – shining a spotlight on all the opportunities we have to develop and grow into an incredible career here.

From talks, events and presentations to lunch and learns, departments across our Society got involved to really delve into what they get up to, what it’s like to work in their team, and all the different career paths and progression there is.

So every one of our colleagues knows exactly how they can grow here – and we can help it happen.

With careers stories and talks from our colleagues across IT & Transformation, Financial Crime, Data, to Internal Audit and our Direct Mortgages Team, the week gave us a chance to raise the curtain of what it really takes to get onto certain career paths here. And, in doing so, get rid of barriers to progress, growth, and opportunity. For everyone.

The week was all about giving our people the chance to learn more about the purpose and role of each team. As well as what behaviours and strengths they look for, what transferable skills are key, and even ask more questions.

So they have the knowledge they need to unlock their true career value here.

Because that’s part of how we build a workplace where everyone can reach their full potential, and craft their career story the way they want.

And we’ll be doing even more showcases over the year, into even more departments.

“Really interesting. Great to hear some myths busted there about the route into IT careers and great to hear about all the different backgrounds and routes taken into IT.”

IT & Transformation Showcase attendee

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