How we're making sure our colleagues can REACH further

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At Yorkshire Building Society, we want to make sure that everyone not only feels welcome here, but has the support and opportunities that help them thrive.

That’s what our REACH programme was all about. 

And Azir’s looking back at how it helped him define his vision for his career here.

“It’s provided me with confidence in my ability to prepare, communicate, think strategically and to engage in challenging conversations from members of our most senior team.”

Azir, Digital Product Owner

Since he joined us here at Yorkshire Building Society, our purpose has stood out to Azir – to Help Real Life Happen for our members. Whether it’s helping our customers have a place to call home or guiding them towards greater financial wellbeing, we’re here to support our members to achieve their life goals.

And from working across our telephony department to taking the leap into our Digital department as Risk and Compliance Product Owner, Azir’s been helping us achieve that for almost 12 years now.

But our purpose is not only to our members, it’s to our people, and how we give them a place to call home – at work. And Azir’s been helping drive us forward on that journey as part of our Inclusion & Diversity Committee, from when it first formed.

Azir played a huge part in helping us shape our workplace and improving our colleague experience for everyone. And, along the way, his own confidence grew. We launched our Ethnicity Network back in May 2021, and Azir was our first ever chair. He helped guide what the network would look like and what it aimed to do.

“The Ethnicity Network is a safe place for our Black, Asian and Ethnically Diverse colleagues to share, inspire and create, as well as influence and improve the colleague experience here”

The network has been so successful in giving these colleagues a dedicated space for their voice to be heard. And we’re dedicated to helping those voices speak up, and have the confidence to lead.

That’s what our REACH programme was all about.

Designed to help develop our Black, Asian and Ethnically Diverse talent, the REACH Programme was about ensuring they had the tools, mindset and support they need to thrive in the workplace and take charge of their career.

What did the programme give Azir?

A mentor who challenged his thinking, encouraged him out of his comfort zone and gave him insight into other perspectives. An engaging network of people on the programme who motivated and supported each other. A deeper understanding of his uniqueness, his own values, and the vital role they play in not just our thinking, but our careers.

“By realising my strengths, I get to understand my uniqueness, what motivates me and what I love to do.”

The REACH Programme helped Azir shape and define his career vision.

With that clarity, Azir’s moving forward with a brand new sense of purpose, confidence in his own strength and abilities, and a planned, fulfilling approach to his career.

By being his authentic, best self everyday.

Our Inclusion & Diversity journey at Yorkshire Building Society is all about achieving an everyday where everyone can be their authentic selves. Because our people are what make working here amazing.

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