We’re breaking down barriers with our Colleague Networks

Colleagues working together in the office

Our Colleague Networks are a big part of how we build a workplace where everyone feels welcome, and supported.

That’s because they provide a space for our colleagues to check in with each other, and make change happen.

For Tony, our Networks are important because, without them, it can be hard to appreciate what challenges under-represented groups may face.

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“Colleague networks help us ensure that there aren’t barriers unwittingly in place, prevent blind spots, and gives us an authentic voice.”

Tony Lang Regulatory Compliance Associate

Our DisAbility Colleague Network has already helped him see a clear positive influence, because it’s opened up the doors to communication, in a way that means all issues affecting colleagues with disabilities are considered across our Society.

“It means we can share stories, so that colleagues with disabilities can be confident and recognised - not just for their involvement in their work life, but also as fully rounded individuals with the same hopes and dreams and responsibilities as everyone else.”

It’s about providing that human connection. And, for Tony, it means he can meet with others who might also face challenges with daily living, or who have been coming to terms with a difficult illness, and find valuable support. Living with a disability can sometimes be a complicated journey, especially in the workplace, so we we’re proud to hear that having that network of people makes a difference.

Our Networks are helping to shape change here at Yorkshire Building Society - and they’re just a small part of how we’re doing good, together.

For everyone.

Man with disability working on the computer

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