Building a more inclusive workplace


Here at Yorkshire Building Society, we’re so proud of everything we do to be a welcoming, inclusive workplace.

That’s why being named a Top 10 family-friendly employer, on the back of some wonderful events for National Inclusion Week this year, means so much to us. And with it being Baby Loss Awareness Week, we’re announcing some updates and changes to our people policies and benefits, which are all about better supporting our people.

Read more about our journey towards becoming an even more inclusive place – that everyone can call home.

What’s happening?

With fantastic support from our Colleague Networks, we’ve recently reviewed all our people policies to make sure they’re in line with best practice and representative of the colleague experience here. And this review inspired some changes that are taking us in a really positive direction.

These include some really vital changes and additions, such as introducing neo-natal leave of up to 12 weeks, in addition to other family leave entitlements, improving the IVF leave we offer, with both parents now covered for up to 5 days leave, as well as introducing parental bereavement leave of up to 2 weeks for both parents in the event of early baby loss (pre 24 weeks).

“We recognise the significant emotional and physical impact of baby loss. By introducing parental bereavement leave for both parents in the event of early baby loss, we hope to support parents who experience the loss of a pregnancy at any stage. At the same time, after consulting with our Parents and Carers Network, we have also updated our IVF policy to help families undergoing fertility treatment so they can balance appointments and work life, as well as manage the emotional and physical effects of treatment. Our neonatal policy will also help parents whose babies need medical care within the first 28 days of birth, offering up to 12 weeks of paid leave. We are proud to make this available to colleagues 18 months before the Neonatal Care Act comes into force.”

Kate Ireland, Chief Internal Audit Officer and DEI Executive Sponsor.

But further to that, we’re making sure we’re doing more to support our colleagues who may be struggling with their gender. That’s why, from 1st November we’re including Gender Dysphoria cover in our offering.

The cover includes consultation with a Bupa-recognised psychiatrist and psychologist, an initial consultation, telephone support, and mental health support.

These are just some brilliant examples of our Colleague Networks working with our People Division to make sure we’re moving forward as an inclusive workplace here.

The networks, our Parents & Carers Network and Proud Network and their co-chairs in particular, have been at the heart of these improvements, bringing in some examples of best practice to inspire and improve the ways we do things here, and relentlessly championing what they felt was right.

So, together, we can create a workplace where everyone feels supported, included, and celebrated – a place to call home, at work.

Learn more about everything we’re doing for Diversity, Equity & Inclusion and find out more about our Colleague Networks here

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