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At YBS, there’s no such thing as a typical apprentice. You could have just left school, college or university. Or you might want to change career or come out of retirement. Our apprenticeships are open to people of all ages and backgrounds.

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Why become a YBS apprentice?

  • Our award-winning apprenticeships meet the new Government Standards
  • Make the most of your talent and find the career path that’s right for you
  • Enjoy real responsibility working on real projects
  • Don’t choose between work and study – enjoy the best of both worlds
  • Support every step of the way from our existing apprentices
  • We offer more apprenticeship opportunities than you think from supporting colleagues at head office to helping customers in our branches.

What do our award-winning apprenticeships offer?

  • An exciting paid permanent job from day one
  • 20% training and 80% learning on the job
  • Study towards a recognised professional qualification
  • We’ll pay for your training and studies – no student debt
  • A development plan tailored to you and your ambitions
  • Great rewards in return for working 35hrs a week
  • Unlimited opportunities with apprenticeships that go up to degree level.

What qualifications do you need?

  • Level 3 & 4 Apprenticeships – ideally at least 5 GCSEs or equivalent, including Maths and English (level A-C or 4-9)
  • Level 5 -7 Apprenticeships – ideally A-Levels or equivalent.

Why choose YBS?

  • We’re big enough to challenge you, but small enough for you to make an impact
  • Be rewarded with a good starting salary, all kinds of perks and 32 days’ holiday a year
  • Enjoy job security, career progression and lots of opportunities with one of the UK’s leading financial services providers
  • Develop a brilliant career in a changing and exciting business
  • Be yourself and the best you can be with our training and support.

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Customer Service Apprenticeships

Passionate about delivering a great service? Then provide our customers with a warm welcome and fantastic experience in one of our customer contact service teams.

What you’ll need:

  • Brilliant communication skills
  • Excellent attention to detail
  • Drive to do what’s right for our customers

Gain a qualification and develop a brilliant career in a changing and exciting business.

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Nafeesa & George
IT, Digital
& Data

IT, Digital & Data Apprenticeships

Want to work with the latest tech on real-life projects? Passionate about cyber security? Then enjoy gaining a recognised qualification, learning every day and being paid a salary.

You’ll ideally:

  • Love studying IT
  • Enjoy building your own computers and servers
  • Be excited by coding

We’re big enough to challenge you. But small enough for you to make an impact.

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Mya & Paul
Risk, Compliance
& Audit

Risk, Compliance & Audit Apprenticeships

Are you looking for a business that is big enough to challenge you but small enough that you can make an impact? Then join our apprentice scheme to work with a range of colleagues to build your knowledge of Risk, Compliance and Audit.

You’ll get to:

  • Build your understanding of how we protect our customers and colleagues at YBS
  • Work with colleagues from across the business to understand the different layers of defence and how we support teams across YBS to stay safe
  • Analysing information to help us make the right decisions for the future and make our processes better

Gain a qualification and develop a brilliant career in a changing and exciting business.

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Jawad & Bethan

Finance Apprenticeships

Want to work in partnership with a business? Looking to use your finance skills to help make business decisions? Then enjoy gaining a recognised qualification, learning every day and being paid a salary.

You’ll ideally:

  • Enjoyed studying maths or economics.
  • Be excited by providing financial support to a business, working with a range of business areas or on different projects
  • Have an ability to analyse and understand data

Gain a qualification and develop a brilliant career in a changing and exciting business.

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Hannah & Robert

Meet our apprentices

Meet Nafeesa & George

Meet Nafeesa & George

Branch and Customer Contact Centre Apprentices

Why did we choose an apprenticeship?

“Because the best way to learn a job – is by doing it! We think you can’t learn a job from a textbook or slideshow. We wanted to learn from experienced people who do the job every day. We also didn’t want the debt of a student loan!”

Why did we choose a YBS apprenticeship?

“We both liked the fact that it was a permanent job right from the start. And we felt we’d fit right in when we met the YBS team.”

“I’d always wanted to work in financial services. Someone who worked here told me it was a great place to launch my career. The starting salary isn’t bad either!”

What would we say about YBS?

“It’s the best decision we’ve made so far. Everyone here has given us loads of support and guidance. That’s made our journeys easier. There’s lots to learn!”

“I’m excited about the future and developing my career here.”

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George Nafeesa

Meet Mya & Paul

Meet Mya & Paul

Software Developer Apprentices

Why did we choose an apprenticeship?

“I saw it as an advantage over going to university. You earn while you learn and also get many qualifications and opportunities.”

“For me it was a little bit different. I wanted to change career direction. I saw this as a real opportunity to do something I felt passionate about.”

Why did we choose a YBS apprenticeship?

“YBS is a trustworthy company that provides a good customer experience and offers many opportunities for you to progress throughout your career. We also loved the fact that we had permanent jobs right from the start. We didn’t have to worry about what would happen when our apprenticeship finished.”

What would we say about YBS?

“It’s a great company to work for. Your colleagues and managers are kind, supportive and will help you along the way. I even mentor one of our senior managers as part of the reverse mentoring scheme, which is great! If you want to progress and enjoy a successful career – this scheme is for you.”

“You’ll learn from people who have vast knowledge and experience. Nothing is too much trouble.”

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Paul Mya

Meet Jawad & Bethan

Meet Jawad & Bethan

HR and Risk Apprentices

“I wasn’t sure if uni was for me. And I didn’t want to get into all that debt just for the lifestyle. I wanted to gain a professional qualification recognised by industry. And I’m not particularly good at sitting in classrooms all the time!”

Why did we choose a YBS apprenticeship?

“You can choose different options. Your choices aren’t limited. That’s what really stood out for me.”

“We both love the fact that we’ve real permanent jobs right from the start and get paid a good salary! We also spend 20% of our working time studying for our qualification – which most companies don’t offer.”

What would we say about YBS?

“You’ll be fully supported and feel part of the team straightaway. Here, you won’t feel like an apprentice – you’ll be treated as an equal. You’ll work on real projects and recommend how we can do things better. You’ll also get time away from your desk to complete your studies.”

“All of the apprentices here are close. We organise nights out, so we don’t feel we’re missing out on the uni lifestyle.”

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Jawad Bethan

Meet Hannah & Robert

Meet Hannah & Robert

Relationship Manager and IT Degree Apprentices

Why did we choose an apprenticeship?

“With university fees rising, we’d didn’t want to have a mountain of debt before starting our professional careers. YBS offered what we were looking for. Full-time work experience. A competitive starting salary. And our degrees completely paid for. This means we’ll gain the same experience and qualifications as graduates, but in half the time and without any of the debt.”

Why did we choose a YBS apprenticeship?

“The career development and opportunities to develop, grow and potentially move into different areas of the business.”

“YBS is a trusted financial provider and one of the UK’s largest building societies. Their strong customer focus appealed to me, because my work has a positive impact on the future. The sheer size of the IT team and wealth of knowledge is another big attraction!”

What would we say about YBS?

“The culture is very friendly and welcoming with everybody helping and supporting you. The opportunities and potential to progress and better yourself and your career are limitless. We’d recommend this apprenticeship to anyone.”

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Hannah Robert

Mya’s Story

Mya’s Story


Meet Wayne & Gail

Meet Wayne & Gail

Internal Apprenticeships

“Being part of YBS means that we also use apprenticeships to support the development of our internal colleagues. Whether that’s in Leadership and Management or Professional Development in areas like Customer Service, IT or Risk, this opportunity is offered across the whole Group.”

Why did you choose an apprenticeship to support your career?

“Apprenticeships are giving us the opportunity to develop our careers whilst doing our day to day job. It’s not only thinking about the here and now, but also where we want our careers to go. The 20% off the job learning means that we’ve got time to study, learn from others and have that real time during the normal working week to focus on our studies.”

How are you supported?

“Like our new apprentices we also get the same level of support as existing colleagues. Whether that’s from the training provider, visits by the development coach or through our colleagues and managers – it’s all joined up to make sure we get the best possible support. It’s great to feel that not only are we supported by the programmes that we are on, but that YBS is also investing in us and want us to be the best that we can be by offering these opportunities.”

What would you say about YBS?

“We’ve both here for a number of years and think it’s great that not only are we bringing in new apprentices, we’re also developing the skills across the Group. It’s a great way of working together and networking too as we attend the programme with people from different parts of the business. We’ve developed in our current roles and changed roles and this is what’s great about YBS. You really can have a career.”

Wayne Gail

Take a look at our Senior Customer Service Apprentices in action when First Careers came to visit them in branch:

The recruitment process

Initial Application Process
  • Simply fill out and submit our online apprenticeship application form
  • Tell us a bit about yourself and the schemes you’re interested in (you can apply for more than one)
  • You’ll then need to send us your CV and do some online tests that will show us how you’d approach your work.
Telephone Screening Interview
  • If you impress with your online tests, you’ll have a telephone interview
  • One of our training providers will call you at an agreed time, so we can spend half an hour getting to know more about you.
Assessment Centre
  • This final stage includes a 1-2-1 interview and some group activities
  • This can take up to six hours, so we’ll give you lunch to keep you going
  • We’ll match you and your ambitions to the team that suits you the best
  • If you’re successful, we’ll offer you a place on one of our apprenticeships.


Your Questions Answered

How does an apprenticeship work?

What is an apprenticeship?

It’s a job that offers great training, a salary and the chance to learn new skills on the job and study towards professional qualifications. All apprentices at YBS have the security of a permanent job and receive training from our providers:

What are apprenticeship frameworks and standards?

In a nutshell, frameworks are designed by companies for companies. Standards are new Government apprenticeship schemes designed by large groups of companies that will eventually replace all apprenticeship frameworks.

What Levels do we offer?

  • Level 3 – Advanced Level Apprenticeships
  • Levels 4 & 5 – Higher Level Apprenticeships (Foundation Degree Equivalent)
  • Level 6 – Degree Apprenticeships or Degree Equivalent Apprenticeships

Can you fail an apprenticeship?

We assess our apprentices throughout their journey. There’s also a final assessment by an independent third party. Every apprentice can achieve a Pass, Merit or Distinction. Unfortunately, they can also fail. All of our apprentices also need to be able to carry out their day-to-day work with our training and support.

What happens when it finishes?

All our apprentices start on a permanent contract. When your apprenticeship finishes, we’ll update your contract to reflect your new role. You’ll then enjoy lots of opportunities to move into different roles or become a future leader.

Are apprenticeships recognised and not just cheap labour?

Are apprenticeships recognised within the industry?

Yes! Because apprenticeship standards are built by people in industry. The professional qualifications are also fully recognised by industry and various awarding bodies.

Is there progression?

Definitely! Our apprenticeships help new colleagues launch their career here and existing colleagues to develop and progress at different times in their career.

Are apprenticeships just cheap labour?

Not at all! Unlike some companies, our apprentices join us on permanent contracts from day one. They enjoy the same benefits as colleagues in the same role and salaries above the national living wage that grow over time. So, after two years they receive the same salary as non-apprentice colleagues.

What are the rewards and benefits?

How much will I get paid?

We pay our apprentices above the living wage. You’ll start on £15,500 a year plus benefits. Your salary will increase over time, so when you finish, your pay will be the same as non-apprentice colleagues in the same role.

What hours will I work?

You’ll work 35 hours per week. For example, 9am-5pm – that’s an 8 hours a day (including a one hour unpaid lunch break).

For Customer Service areas, our normal business hours are 8am-8pm Monday to Friday. You’ll work a shift pattern between these times, totalling 35 hours per week. You’ll also work Saturdays 9am to 1pm on a rotation basis.

How many holidays will I get

32 days (224 hours) a year, including bank holidays.

Parent FAQs

It’s natural for you to want the best for your child. To help you as your child makes a big decision about their future, we’ve shared the thoughts of some of our apprentice parents. If you have any further questions our Talent Acquisition team will be happy to help, you can contact them at Apprenticeships@ybs.co.uk

What did you think about apprenticeships?

“We didn’t know much. So, we went to apprenticeship recruitment fairs to find out more. We liked the way YBS told us about their apprenticeships and apprenticeships in general. All of our reservations vanished. They’ve invited us to events, so we’ve felt part of the journey – which is great.”

Were you disappointed your child didn’t choose university?

“We were a little disappointed as Olivia had an unconditional offer from Leeds. But we soon realised apprenticeships are a great alternative. Olivia would enjoy the best of both worlds. She’d earn a wage, gain qualifications and not end up with a huge student debt!”

What did you want from a company apprenticeship?

“Progression and job security. Some of our friend’s children weren’t kept on after their apprenticeship. We liked the way YBS offers permanent contracts, so Sophie would stay part of the team after her apprenticeship.”

“Some smaller companies didn’t have the same level of opportunities for Sean to develop his career. We liked the fact YBS talked about future opportunities and the different levels of apprenticeships on offer.”

What difference has it made?

“Leigh’s confidence has grown immensely. There were a few teething problems as she made the transition from school to work. But she really enjoys her job and working with a great team of supportive people.”

“It was amazing to see Sophie go from being really nervous in front of people to presenting to large groups and not looking nervous at all. It was a very proud moment for us that we really felt part of”.

What would you say to other parents?

“Apprenticeships are great. I’m really pleased that Sam chose one. He gets all the support he needs. And he’s grown so much in a short period of time. I’m so impressed with what he does and can’t thank YBS enough.”

“You’ll see such a difference in your child. They will experience work and study, get involved in projects and speak to future apprentices at recruitment fairs. They even get to present to the CEO. YBS certainly makes them feel important!”

“Job security. Professional recognised qualifications. A good salary. 2 years’ work experience. What’s not to like?”

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